Chinchilla - Purple


Our Chinchilla might be the longest tail you'll ever see on a plug!

Available in many different colours and 3 different sizes.


Wear this super long (> 75 cm) purple tail under a skirt and make some jaws drop! ^.^

The tail on the plug is made of faux fur, so no real chinchilla's got harmed!

Measurements of the plug:

Size S: 2,7 cm wide and 6 cm long.

Size M: 3,4 cm wide and 7 cm long.

Size L: 4,1 cm wide and 8 cm long.


Chinchilla - Purple Tail - Metal Plug

€ 34,99

  • Available
  • Processing time 1 week

Cleaning Advice

Clean the plug with lukewarm water and a desinfectant, like Dettol.

Do not put the plug in hot water;

this might affect the adhesive in the plug. Keep the tail dry during cleaning.

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