The Myth


The origin of the Pink Pony Club is shrouded in mystery.


People have been worshiping this non-stereotypical, almost mythical creature, only rarely mistaking it for a hornless unicorn.


All that is known, is that some people with rich imaginations started to whisper about a chosen kinky one, who always seemed to be called out by self- proclaimed damsels in distress in times of their dire need, when no other safe word would do.

The idea of the Pink Pony and everything it represents kept re-appearing in various incarnations throughout time, haunting the founders of the club in  different kinky settings, ultimately leading to this virtual tribute to everything Pink Pony.




PinkPonyClubnl is a small webshop from The  Netherlands. The webshop started with the idea

to make the kink scene more colourful and

playful. Why always so black and serious?

So we decided to take matters into our own hands and added some glitter and fluff to it as well. 

We like it crazy!  ^.^


In our store we sell all sorts of novelty items.

We have our own collection of goodies, handmade in The Netherlands. We also sell items which were designed by us, but made by another (professional) business. Other items in our store are made in nearby countries or far away exotic places. We selected each item with care, and tested its quality before adding it to our collection. 


We want to provide the kink community worldwide. Therefore we chose for English instead of Dutch.



Handmade with love


A collection of items which are handmade by us in The Netherlands.


Each item is handmade with love and care. Besides the fact that they look pretty, we made sure the items are strong and functional too.


We mainly use genuine (patent) leather, but we added rubber and pvc for the vegans among us. We use metal hardware to make sure the items are strong and look purrrrfect!



Designed with thought


A collection of items which are designed by us, and made by others.


These items were nowhere to be found so we decided to have them made especially for us.


They are original, 100% pink pony and exclusively for sale in our webshop.


Selected with care


A collection of items made in nearby,

or far away exotic places.


Each different item was added to our personal collection of toys, to test its strength and overall quality, before adding it to the shops collection.


You may find these items somewhere else too, so we try to keep our prices fair but competitive.