The Myth

sexy pink pony weird
Post-human Pre-pony METAmorphosis

  The origin of the Pink Pony Club is shrouded in mystery. People have been worshiping this non-stereotypical,

almost mythical creature, only rarely mistaking it for a hornless unicorn.
  All that is known, is that some people with rich imaginations started to whisper about a chosen kinky one,

who always seemed to be called out by self- proclaimed damsels in distress in times of their dire need,

when no other safe word would do.
  The idea of the Pink Pony and everything it represents kept re-appearing in various incarnations throughout time,

haunting the founders of the club in  different kinky settings,

ultimately leading to this virtual tribute to everything Pink Pony.

ltex sexy wasteland machine gun girl with gun unicorn
Unicorn Gunner in Latex