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 A store and a virtual sanctuary for kittens, bunnies and ponies, little girls and their daddies and to all, whom are willing and ready to explore their devious minds and to play out their fantasies wearing our carefully selected merchandise.


These goodies are intentionally playful and there is a deliberate

overuse of fluff and glitter with a splash of rainbow.


We are happy to supply the inner kinkster in You and to provide imaginative, sometimes quite daring novelty items for a kinky debauchery

or help to accessorize for a sinful fairy tale.


pink ankle cuffs roze boeien



Some of our products were produced in far away, exotic places,

while others were proudly designed and made by us here in the Netherlands.


All the toys from our web shop are shipped directly from the Netherlands,

providing the convenience of almost instant availability.


We try to keep our prices competitive, while putting considerable effort

into the selection process to find goodies that match the essence of a naughty pink pony.


We would like to make it possible for everyone to experience new, even unspoken fantasies

or just to assist them on their journey to their ultimate dream.