Drama Queen - Metallic Purple Paci Gag


Sometimes those bratty babygirls need to be quiet…

A pacifier gag might just be the perfect gear for that!


Our pacifier gags all have their own names... This one is called Drama Queen.

Drama Queen is made out of metallic purple patent leather and a pink "Drama Queen" pacifier.

The pacifier is not a special adult one, but as you can see on the pictures the teat is not tiny at all!


The straps are long enough to fit every size, adjustable from a circumference of 38 to 47 cm / 15 - 18.5 inch.

If you would like your paci gag smaller or bigger, just let us know as a comment with your order.


Our pacifier gags are adult toys and definitely not for babies and children under the age of 18!

Drama Queen - Metallic Purple Pacifier Gag

€ 32,99

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