Silicone Chaperone - Black


Prepare for a nuclear winter with our Silicone Chaperone cuffs! Made of silicone, one of the strongest and most flexible materials. In contrast to leather cuffs, you can wear these when taking a shower, or a relaxing bubbly bath. Our Silicone Chaperones are durable, strong and amazing looking restraints. Because they are waterproof, they are easy to clean with water and soap. For those occasions, when leather just won’t do!


These black silicone cuffs are highly adjustable and fit all sizes. They might even fit around your ankles too!

The inner circumference measures 13 -25 cm / 5 - 9.5 inch.


As an extra kinky feature, these cuffs have special buckles which make it possible to lock each cuff with a padlock. Padlocks are not included!


Silicone Chaperone - Black Silicone Cuffs

€ 32,99

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